Model 231 and code of ethics

In compliance with European legislation, Legislative Decree 231/2001 («Decree») introduced the administrative responsibility of entities, legal entities and companies into the Italian legal system; for certain crimes committed in their interest or to their benefit, by individuals – the material authors of a criminally relevant offence – holding top positions (top management) or those subjected to the direction or supervision of those parties (subordinates).

That responsibility flanks the criminal responsibility of the individual who materially committed the crime.

After the aforementioned Decree came into effect, Tecnoinox srl, sensitive to the need to ensure correctness and transparency when conducting company business and activities, to protect its position and image and the work of its employees, decided to provide itself with an organisation, management and control model in response to provisions in the new law.

The Model was adopted through Board of Directors’ resolution of 18 March 2014 and its content conforms to Confindustria (Industrialists’ Association) guidelines, approved on 7 March 2002 and integrated in 2012.

The Model is part of a wider policy pursued by the company to promote correctness and transparency in its business activities and relations with third parties, applying the company’s Code of Ethics.