New: Virtual Showroom

In 2020 Tecnoinox faced a deep transformation throughout digitalisation (presentations with smart glasses) and service innovation.

Today we move a further important pace on the road to innovation with our brand-new virtual showroom.

You can enter it by clicking on “Showroom” link on our home page, on the top menu.

You will live a fantastic experience, it looks like a 3D videogame. You can move around the room, you can look at our professional ovens and cooking solutions from different points of view, you can zoom in and open multimedial documents such as product sheets, tutorials, videos and 3D animations.

It is amazing: very realistic and easy to use, much better than any catalogue.

Tecnoinox’s virtual showroom is a new way to get in touch with us and our products, it is like a 24/24, 7/7 trade show that anyone can visit sitting in their office or from home.

Enjoy it!