Tecnoinox: Italy’s first manufacturer of industrial cookers to obtain the SASO quality mark

Tecnoinox SRL has recently become the first Italian manufacturer to obtain the Quality Mark certification issued by SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization, the Saudi Arabian government certification body) for this sector.

Tecnoinox is headquartered in Porcia (Pordenone) and has been designing and manufacturing professional kitchen appliances since 1984.

This means Tecnoinox now is approved to operate on the Saudi Arabian market and, for the moment, has exclusive access. It represents an important investment by the company and one which confirms its commitment to the Middle Eastern markets.

Riccardo Giacomini, Technical Director at Tecnoinox, explains:

In 2019, the Saudi Arabian government technical body, SASO, made the Quality Mark certification mandatory to regulate the entry of gas appliances into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The certification procedure was complex and extremely rigorous, but Tecnoinox passed with flying colours, standing out from the rest on quality and its ability to meet the needs of evolving markets.

Then he says: “Our high-quality processes, products and staff are what ensured Tecnoinox obtained this certification before any other Italian manufacturer. At the moment, we are the only Italian manufacturer of professional gas cooking appliances authorised to export to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We are already operating in numerous Middle Eastern markets and, for us, obtaining this certificate is a strategic move to consolidate our business activity in Saudi Arabia.” says Martina Giacomini, Sales Manager at Tecnoinox.