Tecnocompact: extraordinary performance in a small space

Tecnocompact is the new range of Tecnoinox COMPACT digital electric combined ovens.

Characterized by a minimum width (only 50.5 cm), which allows insertion in very confined spaces, the range features GN1/1 ovens with a capacity of 6 or 10 trays, possibly equipped with important standard accessories, such as the core probe. multi-point and automatic washing.

Management of cooking and steam programs, performance and functions are the same as those of larger ovens such as TecnoCombi. In addition, the chamber is watertight with rounded internal edges and the readability of the displays and the lighting of the cooking chamber have been implemented, more effective thanks to the LED lights.

Tecnocompact ovens are equipped with a wi-fi antenna for connection to the customer's company network and to the Tecnoinox cloud.