& customisation

TAP®: designed for the needs of professional chefs and large cooking centres

TAP® offers automation, cooking standardisation, a recipe collection ready for use: the certainty and consistency of results in every cooking process makes TAP® a reliable working tool in cooking centres and in facilities where work is delegated by the chef to qualified staff.

However, TAP® is also an intelligent and customised technology that recalls the previously used cooking programs, favourite recipes and guarantees the chef a maximum control over the cooking process, also giving the possibility to edit the parameters associated with preset recipes in a few quick steps.

The MY TAP® area is a place in which the chef can freely create his own customised TAP®, according to seasonal menus, themed dishes and the most used cooking techniques, organising favourite contents in folders.

Without forgetting the possibility to manually configure the cooking programs at every stage, leaving space for creativity.


Constant cooking results thanks
to the numerous preset recipes

TAP® works for you:
various function automations

TAP® thinks for you:
optimal function-use suggestions


Full control of cooking
parameters at any time

Create and save your personalized recipes;
change and save preset recipes

Add key words to recipes
to simplify searches

Organize your favourites in MY TAP®

Your preferences become the new standard settings,
available to all your co-workers

Technologies for the chef


Automatic adjustment of
humidity level in the cooking
chamber considering food humidity and injected steam.


Increasing the maximum cooking
temperature to 300°C for
5 minutes to cook pizza and
focaccia and to effectively grill.


Optimized boiler to
fill the cooking chamber
with steam granting energy
and water savings at the same time.


Recipe collection with
pictures, ingredients
and procedure.


Displaying real
value of temperature
in the cooking chamber.


Indicating the current operation
of the oven by means of a
coloured light beneath the knob.


Automatic cooking
of different products
at the same time and
in the same cooking chamber
for express cooking.


Automatic cooking
of different products
at the same time and
in the same cooking chamber
for banqueting service.


HACCP data collection
and storage.


Cooking temperature
algorithm granting perfect
cooking results independently
from the loaded amount of
product (one tray or full load).


the most appropriate automatic
washing program depending on
the previous cooking processes.
Five automatic cleaning
levels are available.


Overnight cooking

Automation for improved productivity / Long cooking techniques at controlled low temperatures, with or without the use of a probe, can be independently managed by TAP® even when the kitchen is idle, such as during the night or during the afternoon: by programming the keep-warm phase, the oven keeps the product at the correct humidity and temperature level, until the intervention of the operator.
Thanks to the CLIMAFIX system, the product weight loss is minimised and meats remain exceptionally tender.

Cooking with a probe

Precision has never been so simple / TAP® è dotato di sonda multipunto che rileva la temperatura del prodotto in cottura in 5 diversi punti lungo lo spillone, ovviando ad eventuali errori di inserimento.La sonda multipunto è alloggiata internamente alla camera di cottura, senza connettori esterni: l’utilizzo è in questo modo più semplice e la sonda è sempre a portata di mano.

Disponibile come accessorio, la sonda ad ago per cotture sottovuoto trova alloggiamento nel comodo Utility Box sotto la porta del forno.

Cook and chill

The perfect organization of the working cycle in the kitchen / Used together with the blast freezer, TAP® is an exceptional tool for streamlining and organizing the work in the kitchen, not only for banqueting services serving large quantities of food that must be prepared in advance, but also for the small restaurant, which is able to offer a richer menu with the quality of express cooking techniques and the guarantee of timely service.
The waste of unsold fresh product is minimized.

Cooking uniformity

Perfect cooking from the first tray to the last / The high-efficiency TAP® fans, inversion of the direction of rotation of the fans, and the particular shape of the deflector create uniform ventilation whether for a single tray - regardless of where the food is positioned – or between multiple trays, from the highest to the lowest.
TAP® offers a choice of 6 fan speeds, plus 6 intermittent speeds to best cook any food, from the lightest and most delicate product to those that require more intense air flow and higher temperatures.

Steam and cooking techniques

The many advantages of quality steam
The use of steam when baking or cooking in an oven revolutionizes the quality of the product and introduces particularly effective cooking techniques. The steam accelerates cooking times, allows to cook at low temperatures and keeps the products tender, preserving the cooking liquids along with the corresponding nutritional properties, flavours and appearance, while also enhancing the colour of the prepared foods. Steaming means also saving on seasoning.

Low and high temperature steam
Steam is not all equal: TAP® is able to produce steam not only at 100°C, but even at room temperature in the versions with a boiler, respecting the needs of products and dishes that require delicate cooking. By contrast, to accelerate the preparation of frozen products, TAP® is able to work with steam at a cooking chamber temperature of up to 130°C.

TAP®, simplicity and design

The Tecnoinox oven with the highest technological standards

TAP® is the first Tecnoinox oven with a touch interface, designed to provide comprehensive solutions for everyday kitchen needs.

The advanced cooking functions go hand in hand with a design aimed at rendering the use of the oven, the setup of cooking programs, access to the recipe collection and changes to the many preset recipes easy, quick, convenient, immediate and intuitive.

The design solutions represent innovative answers to key operational and hygiene related needs, with the quality of materials and craftsmanship associated with the Tecnoinox name.

TAP®, friendly technology

True innovation is now within everyone’s reach. The TAP® touch screen functionality is the gateway to contents, ideas and freedom of use: for this reason, the interface is first and foremost designed to be simple and intuitive, a tool able to make life easier, without introducing any complications.

Form & functionMarc Sadler Design

A meeting point between beauty and functionality, the design of TAP® ovens
was realized in collaboration with Marc Sadler, renowned designer with extensive
international experience.
The essential design of TAP® translate into ergonomic and functional solutions,
able to create the required conditions to work in an orderly and rational manner.
The clean lines of the oven reflect the simplicity of use.

Easy Multifood Cooking, with TAP