TecnoCombi D series


A sturdy and reliable oven, with accurate attention to those parts which are stressed the most by use, such as the door, built on a stainless steel tube frame.

Power and speed: the high power of Tecnocombi ovens guarantees fast temperature raise in the cooking chamber after the oven door has been opened, thus assuring quick and perfect cookings.

Ergonomics and ease of use thanks to a design specifically intended to be clear and easy to use by any operator.

Available models
featuring 3 levels of
automatic cleaning system.

Under glass moisture
collection tray, directly
piping condensation
to the drain, even with
door open.

Scroll and push

Available models
featuring control of
product core temperature by means
of heat probe.

Energy savings: high
performance boiler
optimized to fill the
cooking chamber with
steam granting energy and water savings
at the same time.

TecnoCombi M series


M SERIES: MANUAL CONTROL 3 knobs for full and easy control of each cooking cycle.

Air-convection and steam benefits: compared to a traditional static oven, a convention oven guarantees a much better cooking uniformity as the heat spreads evenly inside the chamber.

The desired steam level can be easily adjusted and offers many advantages in terms of quality and weight loss of the product.

Manual opening of cooking chamber vent.

Steam regulation knob
(7 humidity levels).

Tecnoinox patentGas ovens innovation technology

Tecnocombi, Tecnobake and Tecnodual gas combi ovens: a patent governing efficiency and ease of maintenance.

INNOVATION / For TECNOCOMBI, TECNOBAKE and TECNODUAL gas combi ovens, Tecnoinox has developed a specific heat exchanger system which incorporates the advantages of 2 technologies: the ease of installation and maintenance of the atmospheric burners together with efficiency levels close to those of forced premixed burners, with the perfect balance between competitive price and the highest technical specifications.

EFFICIENCY / Mindful of both costs and the environment: the specific shape of the heat exchangers provides 15% above average yields, reducing gas consumption at equal use; in addition, the released gas temperature and the energy dispersion are reduced to a minimum, significantly increasing the efficiency.

SAVINGS ACROSS ALL STAGES: PURCHASING, MAINTENANCE, USE / The heat exchanger patent makes the Tecnoinox gas combi ovens competitive during the purchasing stage, but also simpler and therefore more user-friendly when carrying out installation and maintenance operations, as well as advantageous in terms of energy costs.

OVEN DURATION / Some manufacturing devices were designed to guarantee a longer oven life cycle: in the long-term, minimum contact of welded joints with flames reduces the possibility of mechanical damage.

COMBUSTION QUALITY / In addition to the atmospheric burner and to the specific shape of the patented heat exchangers, the ovens are equipped with an automatic burner power supply modulation system, which prevents power waste and reduces harmful emissions. Additionally, the lower released gas temperature increases the oven yield whilst reducing costs.

EASE OF INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE / Oven installation is simple and quick and does not require the use of any specific tools as the system has an atmospheric burner which is powered by an electronically controlled valve. Maintenance operations are just as simple to carry out.

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