Tecnoinox is an Italian manufacturing company offering an extensive range of modular kitchens and professional ovens for the catering industry.

After more than 30 years in the business, Tecnoinox manages the full production cycle, from the stainless sheet to the finished product, to guarantee the highest quality and the very best care.

It also guarantees a punctual and reliable service in terms of active sales support, warranties and an after-sales servce.

All Tecnoinox appliances are built in compliance with the law.

The Perfection Rate of Tecnoinox products is above 99% thanks to the extensive testing each machine addresses and must pass before being sold.

At Tecnoinox some 80 best-selling products are ready for delivery in just 48 hours.


Time is an important factor in Tecnoinox’s success, which is the result of over 35 years of staying abreast of the latest technological developments, acquiring direct experience with the product, and paying attention and responding to the demands of the market.


In Tecnoinox, we know that quality results from interaction among all the factors which contribute to the creation and sale of our product. This is the reason why in 2011 we have adopted a policy based on a certified integrated system: further to the quality management system certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, which we have since 1998, in 2011 we also obtained ISO 14001:2015 − environmental management system − and ISO45001:2018 − occupational health and safety management system.
In this way, Tecnoinox plans out and promotes an integrated policy about quality, safety and environmental protection aiming to a continuous improvement in economic, social and ambient themes.


Product certifications guarantee the quality and compliance with the regulations specifically required in the various countries of the world. Tecnoinox continuously invests in product certifications to concretely give security to its partners and end users.

Model 231 and Code of Ethics

In compliance with European legislation, Legislative Decree 231/2001 («Decree») introduced the administrative responsibility of entities, legal entities and companies into the Italian legal system; for certain crimes committed in their interest or to their benefit, by individuals – the material authors of a criminally relevant offence – holding top positions (top management) or those subjected to the direction or supervision of those parties (subordinates).

That responsibility flanks the criminal responsibility of the individual who materially committed the crime.

After the aforementioned Decree came into effect, Tecnoinox srl, sensitive to the need to ensure correctness and transparency when conducting company business and activities, to protect its position and image and the work of its employees, decided to provide itself with an organisation, management and control model in response to provisions in the new law.

The Model was adopted through Board of Directors’ resolution of 18 March 2014 and its content conforms to Confindustria (Industrialists’ Association) guidelines, approved on 7 March 2002 and integrated in 2012.

The Model is part of a wider policy pursued by the company to promote correctness and transparency in its business activities and relations with third parties, applying the company’s Code of Ethics.


Internal knowledge and know-how are a fundamental tradition at Tecnoinox.
The Product Development Department works every day to come up with new equipment, but also to further develop appliances already in production.

When doing so, it aims at enhancing performance, energy savings, functionality and ergonomics, but without neglecting fine design or appearance. Project design is followed by prototyping, and then all products – both electric models and gas units – are tested in our internal laboratory. Components selection, rough material processing, assembling: all the steps that lead to creating a product are kept under careful internal control in order to guarantee the highest quality level and maximum functionality.

Focus on the customer: continuous improvement to generate value

Tecnoinox is engaged in an important and innovative project related to the implementation of new processes and organizational methods of a lean-oriented & technology-driven type, with the aim of focusing all of its activities and strategy on the centrality of the customer and the total satisfaction of its needs, at the same time increasing production capacity and reducing costs.
The project, worth a total of € 266,437.50, is supported by a € 106,575 loan from the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, POR FESR, Italian Republic, European Union.

"Cloud computing" connectivity solutions in cooking equipment

Tecnoinox is engaged in a complex and articulated project aimed at identifying new technological / application scenarios with a radical advancement of "cloud computing" connectivity solutions in the professional environment, with the aim of overseeing wider segments of the market, increasing margins through introduction of new products and exclusive services as well as preparing for entry into the Smart Grid world.
The project, worth a total of € 339,556.10, is supported by a loan of € 101,866.83 from the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, POR FESR, Italian Republic, European Union.

Inter.tec. - Competitive relaunch and consolidation of Tecnoinox on International markets

Tecnoinox is involved in an important and innovative project related to the consolidation of the brand and the distinctive competences of TECNOINOX in international markets for strengthening, competitive relaunch and erosion of market space for high-end competitors.
The project, worth a total of € 363,580.00, is supported by a € 181,790.00 grant from the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, POR FESR, Italian Republic, European Union.

Indico-4.0 - Integration, digitalization, connection of the production / organizational process

Tecnoinox is committed to a radical improvement in performance through innovative solutions for the interconnection of company production, organizational and management processes.
IT technology will be used for integrated digitization in ERP systems consistent with the "factory 4.0" paradigm.
The project, worth a total of € 160,564.00, is supported by a loan of € 80,282.00 from the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, POR FESR, Italian Republic, European Union.