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Snack line T65 and T60

For cooking with intense flavours


Tecnoinox grills, available in various versions, were created to give chefs the option to grill a huge range of products with precision and versatility.  

The grills in the top version for the Snack Line range can be gas or electric powered, to fully fit the preferences of every chef.

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Electric grills  

Ideal for keeping foods succulent and tasty, electric grills are equipped with a practical recovery tank for water and fats. The steel grill is designed for easy removal and is ideal for easy cleaning.  

The front tap for emptying and resistant steel structure make electric grills the perfect choice for a stress-free cooking experience. 

Gas lava stone grills 

Gas lava stone grills offer a unique cooking experience, with uniform heat distribution guaranteed by the lava stone, recreating a tasty and very popular barbecue effect.   

These stainless-steel grills are height adjustable with two positions and extremely easy to clean, also thanks to fully removable grills and lava stone. 

The additional option of a rod grid enables preparation of fish and other delicate foods.