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for hotels and catering

Tecnoinox cucine professionali per catering e hotel

Tecnoinox solutions combining
sustainability and productivity

Tecnoinox’s range of professional equipment for horizontal cooking, from T90 to T74, and combi ovens with boiler, provide the hotel and catering sector with the tools to achieve maximum daily productivity in a short time frame. 

Our sturdy and reliable kitchens for the hotel and catering sector can guarantee standardised cooking processes and help chefs to maintain a high level of quality of raw materials with optimal product usage and hygiene.

Sturdy and

Tecnoinox equipment is made with AISI 304 stainless steel and feature a 2 mm top thickness to guarantee maximum strength and durability. 


Equipment is created in accordance with the strictest European standards, certified by external bodies and tested before shipping out to customers.


Both horizontal and vertical cooking is enabled with maximum power that optimises uniformity of cooking. 

Aesthetic and
functional finishes

The ergonomic shapes, worktops, panels, doors and handles in the hotel and catering range are fine-tuned down to the last detail to make the chef’s work easier than ever. 

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hotels and catering 

TAP & TAP Pastry

A Touch of innovation

The Tap line ensures you can repeat successful dishes, even where the team of kitchen staff is large and dynamic. The chef is able to set the recipe, which can then be replicated on a daily basis by any of the team.

TAP is far more than a simple combi oven with digital interface. It is a complete, highly advanced and intuitive cooking solution, designed and created by Tecnoinox to guarantee chefs and pastry chefs reliable cooking results, efficient organisation of the workload and team, and concrete savings in time, energy and raw materials.

Forno con interfaccia NEXT Tecnoinox


the future of cooking is here

The NEXT technology functions ensure ultra-high performance with exceptional time and energy savings, all thanks to ongoing monitoring via the True Data function and smart temperature control with the SmartHeat function. Advanced NEXT technology allows you to use preset recipes shared via the Tecnoinox Cloud. Tecnoinox ovens with NEXT technology are also guaranteed to ensure your workflows are efficient, thanks to the ready-to-serve and non-stop-cooking systems.