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Our mission,
our values

due uomini trasportano un piano cottura ancora in fase di montaggio
uomo accende i fornelli di un piano cottura tecnoinox

Tecnoinox culture

Tecnoinox is the perfect partner for those who make food their mission. We’re committed to offering our customers the reliability and security that are essential working in a kitchen every day, whether they are pastry professionals; bar, café or restaurant owners; or chefs. 

We aim to create a positive working environment that promotes wellbeing and nurtures creativity, enabling ideas to be shared, enhanced and transformed into reality. Our mission? To establish sustainable innovation that respects the environment and society as a whole, celebrating the artisan attention to detail typical of Italian manufacturing.  

ragazzo lavora al montaggio di un piano cottura
signora anziano lavora al montaggio di un piano cottura

Our value proposition

Product quality, a focus on our customers and an awareness that our people represent a source of creativity, innovation and care: this lies at the heart of Tecnoinox. This is why every kitchen, oven and salamander is designed to offer added value in the hands of chefs.  

Our proposition is to create high-performance kitchen equipment that is easy to use and capable of meeting the fundamental requirement of every chef, restauranteur or Ho.Re.Ca. professional: to work in a kitchen where every task is simple and profitable… a kitchen you can count on.  


Empathy. Passion. Dedication. Creativity. 

It is the passion that we invest in everything we do that makes Tecnoinox a company you can count on, and it lies at the heart of every professional solution we create.[Ritorno a capo del testo]The big heart of our team, who work hard every day, from production through to services, ensures empathy towards our customers, building a genuine relationship with chefs, and listening to their practical needs and their dreams of star-winning success. 


Reliability. Design. Development. Innovation. 

The seat of critical thought and reason, the head governs all activity at Tecnoinox, transforming passion into energy for the development of reliable, professional solutions. The source of our experience, we develop products with a logic founded on continuous improvement of technology and functionality. This ensures excellent results every time.


Skill. Care. Quality. 

Hands are one of our greatest tools as humans. By harnessing our human qualities, ensuring the excellence of products designed and built to last, we generate efficiency. The skilled hands of our experts work with love, combining metal and technology for unequalled kitchen excellence. 

Our approach: transforming an idea
into your custom project

  • Listening
  • Proposal
  • Realization

We listen to our customer to gather all necessary information. 

This is the most important phase. Our consultants discuss the project with the customer to assess its feasibility and understand their needs down to the last detail, with the option of an on-site survey. 

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We present our proposal for the layout and quote. 

A project requires more than a basic layout. At Tecnoinox we create a custom layout proposal in 2D or 3D format, explaining our choices in relation to the initial request. The proposal is accompanied by a quote for the cost of the equipment selected. 

cartina di una prograttazione per una cucina

We bring your idea
to life. 

We support our partner in every phase of project execution, from installation to assistance. 

veduta di una cucina professionale tecnoinox
dettaglio di una mano con un guanto che tocca un pezzo di legno

From raw materials
to finished product

Tecnoinox, a leading European manufacturer of professional kitchens, draws its strength from the success of its customers and the enthusiasm of its team of professionals, who work constantly to develop new solutions capable of harnessing all of the excellence of Italian manufacturing. The goal is clear: to create kitchens that can be counted on, every day, for chefs, restaurateurs and food-service professionals

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