We have been designing and building professional cooking equipment since 1984.
Throughout the world, the Tecnoinox brand stands for the well-known values and meaning of Made in Italy: high quality in workmanship and in detail, great attention paid to fine design, superior product reliability, and dependable service.

It’s a kitchen that’s all Italian, for kitchens all over the world.

Dynamism and care

Being constantly focused on the market requirements is what boosts innovation

Research and development
for a competitive care

At Tecnoinox, creating value for customers
stems from advanced in-house skills in
product design and testing

Widespread know-how

An integrated production cycle,
entirely controlled in-house,
means having indepth product knowledge
and providing qualified technical assistance

The pillars of quality,
safety and environmental friendliness

At Tecnoinox, quality is measured
and achieved day-in day-out in the selection
of materials, in caring for the environment,
in the pursuit of efficiency and
in the deep respect for people

Reliability and service

Speedy delivery times,
a widespread in-house know-how for rapid problemsolving,
linguistic skills, aftersales service,
availability of informations:
these all form an integral part
of what we have to offer

Flexibility and organization

Tecnoinox is the ideal partner
for both large and small organisations

Human value

The people who work for the company
along with the professionals who choose us
every day make up the core and
raison d'etre of our organisation


Our products are professional
tools used in kitchens in more than
50 countries around the world, where
Tecnoinox is recognized as a reliable partner that is technically skilled and offer prompt response times
and deliveries