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Boiling tops represent the operational centre of any professional kitchen.  

Featuring a wide range of functionality and optionals, Tecnoinox boiling tops, in gas and electric recessed versions, offer chefs optimal combinations of power, precision and versatility.  

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Electric boiling tops 

With 220 mm-diameter round plates hermetically fixed to the top to protect against spillages and six-position power control, our recessed electric boiling tops guarantee precision temperature adjustment and versatility for any recipe.  

Equipped with safety devices that prevent overheating if there is no pot or pan present, and reduce consumption, and with an ergonomic design for easier cleaning, these boiling tops offer reliable and lasting performance to meet the needs of any kitchen. 


Electric glass ceramic boiling tops 

Electric glass ceramic boiling tops for recessed installation offer an advanced and modern cooking experience.  

With infrared heating elements, also featuring a double heating zone, and easy cleaning, they are the ideal choice for those seeking top performance combined with simple maintenance.  

With integrated safety features, such as an automatic temperature limiter and heat-alert LED, which are also active when the knob is in the OFF position, these boiling tops guarantee safe and efficient cooking. 

Gas boiling tops  

Recessed gas boiling tops represent a reliable and versatile solution for the preparation of delicious dishes.  

With burners that reach power levels of 3.3 to 6.2 kW, deep-drawn tops with grooves to prevent overflows and a highly practical piezoelectric ignition, they guarantee a smooth cooking experience.  

A cast-iron pan support ensures stability and lasting durability, while thermocouple technology offers additional safety.