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Tecnoinox is an Italian company specialising in comprehensive equipment solutions for professional kitchens, ranging from modular systems to combi ovens and salamanders, renowned for their sturdy, reliable products since 1984

We manufacture kitchens and professional equipment for the food-service industry. It is our mission to create high-performance kitchen solutions that are easy to use and meet the fundamental requirements of every chef, restauranteur or Ho.Re.Ca. professional: to work in a kitchen where every task is simple and profitable. A kitchen you can count on. 


Empathy. Passion. Dedication. Creativity. 

The constant passion with which we approach our work, from production to customer service, makes Tecnoinox a company that you can really count on, and lies at the heart of every professional solution we create. Our team’s approach is rooted in empathy and listening to our customers, establishing a real connection with chefs to better understand and meet their needs, from the most practical considerations to their dreams of star-winning success. 


Aesthetics. Design. Innovation. 

The seat of critical thought and reason, the head governs all activity at Tecnoinox, transforming passion into energy for the development of reliable, professional solutions. The source of our experience, we develop products with a logic founded on continuous improvement of technology and functionality. This ensures excellent results every time.  


Skill. Care. Quality. 

Hands are one of our greatest tools as humans. By harnessing our human qualities, ensuring the excellence of products designed and built to last, we generate efficiency. The skilled hands of our experts work with love, combining metal and technology for unequalled kitchen excellence. Beyond simply assembling components or following instructions, they work with genuine passion and dedication.  

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Cucina modulare T90 Tecnoinox

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costicine di agnello cucinate e impiattate

Cooking solutions
for large restaurants

For a chef, the kitchen is like an artisan’s workshop.
Tecnoinox professional ovens, modular kitchens and salamanders combine quality, practicality and energy efficiency for unequalled results.

Spaghetti in acqua bollente in una cucina Tecnoinox
panino hamburger cucinato e appena servito su un piatto fatto di legno

Small professional kitchens:
small space, big results

Tecnoinox cooking solutions and professional kitchens are designed to guarantee optimal performance in limited spaces,
helping bars and cafés to serve full menus and keep up with the constantly evolving world of small-scale catering. 

calamari che vengono fritti con una friggitrice Tecnoinox e calamari già pronti
mano di uomo che impiatta un piatto appena pronto di carne e verdure

Professional kitchens to optimise use of time and space 

Tecnoinox professional cooking equipment guarantees hotels full control over the kitchen for preparation of elaborate recipes and for high numbers of covers, whilst ensuring dishes are of an excellent quality. 

vista panoramica su una cucina professionale Tecnoinox senza persone

Our Solutions

Tecnoinox’s historic expertise is founded on more than 40 years of Italian manufacturing experience. From design through to production and rigorous quality testing, Tecnoinox produces durable, high-performance kitchens, a wide range of professional ovens and its historic salamanders, thanks to the combination of skilled experts and constant in-house R&D. 

Product ranges are refined in every detail of materials, components, technology and functionality, to meet the real-world needs of professional food services with reliable, lasting solutions. 

Professional kitchens
go global

Tecnoinox is an Italian company recognised all around the world for the quality and durability of its products. This is made possible by total control over production processes, from raw materials through to the finished product, and the use of certified, professional components.


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