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Tecnoinox is an Italian company that has built its brand on the production of comprehensive, sturdy and reliable solutions for professional cooking. For 40 years, we have performed in-house manufacturing of our salamanders, modular kitchens and ovens for restaurants and patisserie shops, meeting the needs of professional customers in the Ho.Re.Ca. industry. 

We design and manufacture our professional kitchens at our factory in Porcia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, where every piece of equipment undergoes numerous tests to ensure premium quality and reliability. 

Product quality, a focus on our customers and an awareness that our people represent a source of creativity, innovation and attention to detail: these values lie at the heart of Tecnoinox and we prize them above all else. 

uomo con la maschera per la saldatura che lavora su alcuni pezzi di alluminio
foto in bianco e nero dell'ingresso dell'azienda Tecnoinox
foto in bianco e nero di donna

Time, commitment, steps to success

Time is a precious ingredient of Tecnoinox’s success. For 40 years we have built up our experience layer by layer, focused on our products and dedicating our efforts to constant technological development and customer service, creating kitchens and cooking solutions that always meet the demands of the market. 

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foto scontornata di una salamandra fatta da tecnoinox nel 1984


Tecnoinox starts out working stainless steel as a contractor. This experience soon leads to the production of the first salamander models. 

Cucina del 1998_Tecno60 e 65

1998: Tecno60 and Tecno65

The Snack range. Tecnoinox enters the bar and café market, designing and manufacturing its modular Snack model.

2001: Tecno70

After the success of the Snack range, Tecnoinox develops Tecno70, entering the restaurant sector. 

2005: Tecno90

New product line

Tecnoinox successfully presents Tecno90, completing its range and now able to satisfy any type of customer. 

Modello Tecno74 del 2009

2009: Tecno74

The Tecno74 project adds further versatility to the Tecnoinox catalogue, introducing a full range of products with a 70 cm depth but with a 40 cm module, compatible with the Tecno90 island. 

Forni tecnoinox modello 2011

2011: Ovens

Design, manufacturing and launch of a complete range of ovens: Tecnobake, Tecnocombi and Tecnosnack. This is Tecnoinox’s latest response to a market demanding technology, programming, energy savings, quality and easy, intuitive operation. 

Mosaico modello 2015

2015: Mosaico, a compact modular cooking island 

Tecnoinox invents a new and compact modular central island concept. 

Mano che digita su uno Schermo digitale di un forno TAP Tecnoinox

2016: TAP Oven

TAP is the first Tecnoinox oven with a touch interface, rigorously designed to provide excellent results for the most demanding chefs. 

Forno TAP e TAP PAstry del 2017

2017: TAP Pastry Oven

Tap Pastry is designed for bakers working in the catering business or in their own bakery or pastry shop.  

Forno Tecnocombi del 2019

2019: New Tecnocombi range

A new range of professional combi ovens is launched for customers seeking advanced, high-performance cooking solutions that are simple, reliable, efficient and durable. LCD display and manual versions are released. 

Monoblocco core del 2022

2022: The Core single-unit solution is born

Core is born: a customisable professional single-unit solution. It offers a unique architecture with a wide range of cooking-equipment options, combining high performance and design to create the kitchen of every chef’s dreams. 

2024: New NEXT touch interface for ovens, new hermetic boiling tops for gas cookers, and new Domino one-piece top 

NEXT is our new and intuitive oven interface: professional, yet simple for everyone to use. The new boiling tops with completely hermetic high-performance burners guarantee easy cleaning and durability. 

DOMINO is Tecnoinox’s solution with a one-piece top and modular base units that guarantee optimal hygiene and cleaning. 

macchinario in funzione

A world of experience

Tecnoinox operates in the leading global markets and boasts multiple product certifications and a network of trusted partners that are constantly working to meet the requirements of even the most demanding chefs. 


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