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Snack Line

The simplest
way to cook

Tecnoinox offers a wide range of horizontal boiling tops to meet the needs of chefs working in different contexts, from large kitchens to small snack bars.

No matter the menu, size of the kitchen or available surface area, Tecnoinox has a customised range to suit every restaurateur. Perfect for designing the modular cooker of your dreams.

A professional,
modular cooking

Explore our range of modular cooking, from T90 to Snack Line, Mosaico and Drop-in. Tecnoinox ensures the highest level of professionalism for all its products, guaranteeing functionality and the right price/quality ratio.

Chef che decora un piatto con due cos

Premium lines:
your star-winning dreams

Tecnoinox’s Premium range includes the T90 and T74 lines, boasting a state-of-the-art build to guarantee chefs the tools they need to fully express their creative flair. Tecno90 and Tecno74 provide tangible confirmation of our commitment to satisfying the end user, guaranteeing solid, reliable equipment that is also environmentally friendly.

Having full control of every stage of the production cycle from raw material to finished product, plus final testing of all the equipment testifies to our professional approach and the respect we have for our customers. Tecnoinox is a reliable partner customers can count out to meet all their needs. Unfaltering performance, ergonomics and comfort, plus comprehensive functions are just some of the advantages of the Tecnoinox Premium range.

Snack lines:
a smart cooker for bars and cafés

Tecnoinox’s Snack lines satisfy both the quality and price requirements of start-ups and small kitchens, snack bars, cafés, bistros, delis and catering services, and even street-food trucks.

The equipment included in the Snack range is slimline, simple and compact, perfect for modestly sized spaces and specific cooking requirements, and designed to be moved, installed and maintained easily.

Ultra-flexible installation

Tecnoinox’s Drop-in modules provide a horizontal solution for inserting or replacing professional cooking elements in existing worktops, including in materials other than stainless steel.

Drop-in equipment is simple to install and provides a flexible, affordable solution for creating a truly customised modular cooker. The modules can be inserted both on top of or flush with the worktop, and the controls can be positioned on a plate at the front or on the worktop to the side of the equipment.