The cooking island with a single "Core" top: the solution with character, for the chef who knows what he wants.


Core, an island with a single top, has a modular heart: it preserves the competence, performance and certifications of Tecnoinox bestselling products. In addition, it is designed and built to give shape to the restaurateur's dreams. Technology, design and flexibility give life to infinite and personalized combinations of equipment, stainless steel finishes, colors, for the creation of a unique, inimitable kitchen, which bears the name of those who imagined and wanted it. The practical advantages compared to the consolidated Tecnoinox solutions are given by the increased ease of installation and maintenance, thanks to the supporting plinth and a single access point for the management of utilities, the speed of cleaning, the extraordinary aesthetic possibilities. Sturdiness is ensured by the 3mm thick AISI304 steel top. Furthermore, compared to a "monobloc" solution, rigid once defined, the equipment inserted in the Core can be easily extracted for any extraordinary maintenance or replacement, without affecting the structure. Each Core project will be subject to a feasibility study, with the advice of the Tecnoinox layout office.

The Core Single Top has a modular build, created by combining appliances and accessories, the operating core of Tecnoinox’s product range, with continuous top and hygienic compartments. Each component is fitted flush with the top and can be easily maintained or replaced as needed, without affecting the structure itself.

The Core Single Top has been studied and designed to perfectly meet the needs of restaurant owners. All the equipment, sizes, finishes, structures, colours and more can be chosen by the chef and arranged according to a customised design, to bring your dream kitchen to life.

The island has a single, easy access point for managing all connections to the water and power supplies. Tecnoinox’s hallmark modular production technologies – developed, tried and tested, and fully guaranteed – have been used to create this single top.

The seamless surface is quick and easy to clean, which means less effort and less time wasted at the end of a shift. This makes for happier kitchen staff and a tidy work space. H2 hygienic compartments with rounded edges make cleaning easy, even on the inside and in hidden corners.