A great Evergreen

Tecno70: compact, professional

Tecno70 is a complete, practical, compact and functional range. This range offers a winning price/quality ratio ideal for restaurants, cafés and small canteens.

The 35/70/105 cm wide units make effective use of space, offering professional performance.

Discover the advantages

The units are compact, meaning you can work with professional equipment in small spaces.

The range is made up of dozens of top and freestanding units which can easily be combined

with different compartments and oven and refrigerated base units to meet your every cooking need!

The gas appliances are certified by German body DVGW and have passed the most stringent safety tests. The electrical appliances are tested at our facility and are CE certified

Created in 2001, the range has been progressively enhanced and expanded, reaching a very high level of satisfaction among users and installers.

Design features such as moulded tops with rounded corners, removable splashback and joining elements to make cleaning easier and ensure good hygiene.

The majority of the units are fitted with a technical compartment at the back for connections and hook-ups.

Details that matter

The electric fryers with electronic controls have important advantages for chefs and their kitchen staff:

  • Standardised cooking, guaranteed results and the ability to repeat cooking cycles successfully: all thanks to the programming feature.
  • Time savings: no need to monitor cooking thanks to the different programs and audible notifications.
  • Great cooking results and less consumption, thanks to the temperature stabilisation systems.
  • "Melting" option for the fryers, for frying with solid fats.