Professional Combi Ovens

Tecnoinox offers the chef and pastry chef high-tech cooking tools, able to improve the organization of work in the kitchen and to satisfy the most demanding professionals.

Solutions to different needs

Depending on the menu and the operating preferences, the chef and the pastry chef have at their disposal innovative professional combined ovens, with high automation and immediacy of use such as TAP and TAP Pastry and robust and efficient professional combined ovens such as Tecnocombi, Tecnobake and Tecnodual, declined in the digital and electromechanical versions.

Technology, quality and reliability make the Tecnoinox offer the ideal choice both in catering and pastry ovens.

Tecnoinox provides support in the design of complete kitchens, post-sales assistance services and trains its premium resellers for the best service to the end user.

Find your oven

Find out more and choose what professional oven meets the needs of your kitchen.

All Tecnoinox equipment is built according to the law.

The perfection rate of Tecnoinox products is over 99%, thanks to the numerous tests that each machine successfully addresses before being sold. Tecnoinox prepares 80 best seller products in just 48 hours.