Maximum expression of power, robustness and practicality in the kitchen. It is a modular line created to work intensely.

Tecno90: Born to Last

Tecno90 is a modular line created to work intensely and last for a long time.
It satisfies the need for total reliability, great power and considerable production capacity, to serve a high number of seats with the best results.
In particular, the Tecno90 line is built with materials of maximum quality and thickness, to guarantee solidity and resistance to corrosion.
The design of the Tecno90 line is designed to facilitate ease of cleaning and perfect hygiene.
With its wide range of machines and composition flexibility, Tecno90 meets the needs of the most demanding chefs.

Tecno90: Discover the Advantages

Tops in 2 mm AISI 304 Stainless steel. Seals are made from steel mesh and glass fibre, they perfectly seal the door and can withstand high temperatures for many years.

The gas appliances are certified by German body DVGW and have passed the most stringent safety tests. The electrical appliances are tested at our facility and are CE certified.

Tecno90 has a strong design focus both on aesthetics and functionality. The broad, robust handles have good grip and are easy to clean. They also protect the doors against knocks from trolleys. The single-piece side panels complete the island, unifying it and providing solidity. They also come in a coated version, available in 5 colours.

Appliances made by Tecnoinox using Italian or European materials and components. Perfection index above 99%.


The exclusive Tecnoinox fastening system makes the appliance easy to install and fit together. The feet are easy to adjust and made from AISI 304 stainless steel. The majority of the units are fitted with a technical compartment at the back for connections and hook-ups.

Chefs can count on substantial power and excellent performance in terms of cooking uniformity.

The moulded tops and tanks with rounded corners, wide grooves and anti-spill edges mean infiltrations are reduced to a minimum and the products are easy to clean. The vents can be removed for cleaning and the units fit together perfectly, which helps to ensure a good level of hygiene is maintained.

Electronic controls: the Pluses

Tecno90 includes a range of cooking appliances with electronic controls: fryers, pasta cookers and fry tops.
The appliances with electronic controls have important advantages for chefs and their kitchen staff:

  • Standardised cooking, guaranteed results and the ability to repeat cooking cycles successfully: all thanks to the programming feature.
  • Time savings: no need to monitor cooking thanks to the different programs and audible notifications.
  • Great cooking results and less consumption, thanks to the temperature stabilisation systems.
  • Important additional functions such as melting for the fryers for using solid fats.

Your project, your kitchen

Tecno90 modules are flexible to install, meeting any design or operating need.
The kitchen units can be composed of 40, 80, 120 or 160 cm modules, in models with a top, or with a unit or oven fitted below.
Doors and sides are provided in stainless steel version or coated. 5 colours available.
Tecnoinox supports dealers and customers in projecting cooking islands, compositions and entire kitchens.